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1 – The prize includes fully comprehensive insurance, plus a collision damage waiver policy, which the insurance excess for one claim.

2 – The driver must a) be between 25 and 78 years old

  1. b) have held a UK licence for more than 3 years
  2. c) have no more than 3 points on their licence
  3. d) have no motor insurance claims against them in the last 4 years.

3 – We will give an instructional drive before the winner sets off.

4 – There is a £500 refundable security deposit – This covers uninsured damage, such as tires, clutch, minor damage.  This can be taken by cash, credit or debit card. And is refunded within 48 hours of the safe return of the vehicle.

5 – Maximum of 3 passengers allowed, plus the driver.

6 – The car can be picked up from 9am and must be returned by 8pm, or before dusk (depending on time of year).

  • The vehicle must not be driven outside of Dumfries and Galloway.
  • In the case of adverse weather conditions (eg severe storms, snow or ice), we reserve the right to rearrange the day  to a mutually convenient time.

7 –  The prize must be taken on a day mutually agreed with Kippford Classic Car Hire.

8 – The prize must be taken by the end of 2021.

9 – Please note this car has no rear seatbelts.

10 – Fuel is included in the prize.

11 – The prize flowers, chocolates and cakes may differ from the promotional photo.

12- Free off-road parking for one vehicle.

13 – Entries must be submitted by Sunday 30th May at 12 midnight.



Please also see our main car hire T&Cs below



Kippford Classic Car Hire’s (KCCH) Self-Drive Hire,Terms and Conditions are are set out in good faith, to ensure that the customer is fully informed to get the best experience from hiring our classic cars.

By making a booking the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Hirer(s) – The person, or persons entitled to drive the vehicle; all drivers must be between 25 and 78 years of age, and must have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years; a clean licence (excepting minor endorsements) must be produced along with one other form of identification e.g. passport, utility bill etc, prior to the commencement of the hire (send a photocopy or e-mail attachment).

Before a customer sets off, we insist that they familiarise themselves with the vehicle, we will assist by giving a brief instruction, and drive if required. (Classic vehicles have their own character, and usually do not have modern driving aids such as power assisted steering, or servo assisted brakes etc)

KCCH reserves the right to refuse to hire a vehicle at its own discretion, at any time.  

Persons not entitled to drive

if they are below 25, and over 78 years of age.

Has been refused motor insurance.

Has any mental, or physical defect or infirmity, suffers from fits or a major medical complaint.

Has been banned from driving by conviction.

Whilst driving has been involved in more than 1 accident in the last 3 years.

Our insurance company reserves the right to refuse insurance cover if they consider the risk too high. 

Weather conditions – If booking a car for hire during the winter months please bear in mind that it would not be released if there were snow, or ice on the roads, heavy storms, dense fog or any form of severe weather forecast.

Should this be the case, then a credit note would be issued for a re-scheduling of the booking.    

Insurance Cover for UK Licence Holders –The hired vehicle will be covered by comprehensive motor insurance cover, which also includes free excess and collision damage waiver, and free uninsured loss policy.  

Insurance Cover for Non-UK Licence Holders –  The hired vehicle will be covered by comprehensive motor insurance cover, and free uninsured loss policy.  However, there is a £10 per day surcharge.  Non-UK licence holders must also have an International Driving Permit (IDP).

There is a surcharge if the driver(s) have are more than 3 points on their licence(s); any recent motoring or non-motoring convictions or any insurance claims against them in the last four years.

The vehicle is covered by RAC breakdown and recovery service.

It is the responsibility of the driver(s) hiring the vehicle to ensure that when the vehicle is left unattended, the supplied steering wheel lock is fitted, the vehicle is locked, and the keys removed.

KCCH cannot be held responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle.

Use of vehicle – The vehicle can only be used for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes by the Hirer(s) permitted to drive.  Any forms of motorsport are not permitted.  We strongly advise against taking the vehicle on un-made roads, beaches or on soft ground.

Speed limits and road regulations/laws must be adhered to at all times.

The vehicle must not be parked illegally anywhere, KCCH reserves the right to pass on any fines incurred to the Hirer.

If planning to cover more than 1000 miles during the hire period, engine oil and coolant level checks must be carried out by the Hirer, KCCH will give instruction beforehand.

There is no daily mileage limit, however, we recommend a maximum daily limit of 200 miles. 

The vehicle must not be taken out of the UK.

Strictly no pets and no smoking – Please note that we do not allow pets or smoking in the vehicles.

Items supplied – Any maps, rugs, locks, and camping equipment supplied with the vehicle are the property of KCCH and must be returned with the vehicle at the end of the hire period, failure to do so will result in charges for missing/damaged items.

Fuel – The vehicle will have a full tank of petrol when released for hire, it is the hirer’s responsibility to return the vehicle with a full tank of premium unleaded petrol.  Nearest fuel station, Esso Dalbeattie, 7 Maxwell St, DG5 4AH 

Customers vehicle and property –We are happy for customers to leave their own vehicle on our land during the course of the hire.  This is at the customer’s own risk, KCCH is not responsible for loss, or damage to the customer’s property.   

UK driving licence holders –Security deposit for all VW Camper hires and for self-drive car hires of more than 3 days – at the beginning of the hire period, the customer must leave a refundable credit/debit card security deposit of £500.00.  The security deposit will normally be refunded within 48 hours of safe return of the vehicle.  The security deposit can only be refunded to the card used by the customer. 

Non-UK driving licence holders -Security deposit for VW Camper hire and self-drive car hires  – at the beginning of the hire period, the customer must leave a refundable credit/debit card security deposit of £1800, this also covers excess in case of any accident or damage..  The security deposit will normally be refunded within 48 hours of safe return of the vehicle.  The security deposit can only be refunded to the card used by the customer.

The security deposit is a security and covers:-

1.  Payment towards mechanical and cosmetic damage to the vehicle not covered by the insurance policy eg, wheels and tyres, clutch damage, wrong fuel added etc.

2  Insurance excess against accidental damage, or loss to the vehicle caused by the hirer.

3.  Any additional charges, such as loss of keys, non-replenishment of fuel etc.

4  Late return of the vehicle.

Note: Any charges made against the security deposit will be fairly proportioned.

Bookings – Bookings can be paid preferably by bank transfer, but also by debit/credit card; Paypal or cheque. 

A minimum booking fee of £50.00 or 20% of the total price must be made at the time of booking.

The full balance of the hire must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of hire.

When booking within 2 weeks of the start date of hire, full payment will be required.

Cancellations – Booking fees/Deposits are not refundable.

If you have to change your booking date we will do our best to offer you an available alternative.   

Hours of hire for our classic cars are  – 09.00 – 19.00 from first to last day of hire. Hours of hire for our VW camper are – 3pm – 12 noon from first ot the last day of hire.  It may be possible to agree different start/finish times at the discretion of KCCH.

Failure to return the vehicle by the agreed time may result in additional charges.

Charges – The hirer shall reimburse the following to the owner on demand:  

         – Any fines; fixed penalties; court costs; or other expenses imposed on KCCH by law, arising from the use of the vehicle whilst on hire.

         – Costs of recovery, by a contractor or by the owner.

         – Costs incurred if the vehicle is impounded.

         – Cost of failure to replenish fuel.

         – Reimbursement of minor damage; missing items; or any item not covered by the insurance policy. 

Acceptance – In making a booking either by telephone, internet or in writing, the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

The Hirer will be required to sign our hire agreement before the hire commences.

Thank you for booking with Kippford Classic Car Hire.


Kippford Classic Car Hire’s (KCCH) Wedding Car Service, Terms and Conditions are set out in good faith, to ensure that the customer is fully informed to get the best experience from hiring our chauffeured wedding service.

By making a booking the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Booking – To secure the booking KCCH will require a 20% non-refundable booking fee and a returned booking form.  Confirmation of the booking will be sent by email.  If the booking fee has not been received after 2 weeks, the date will be opened up to new enquiries.  The balance will be due 4 weeks before the date of the wedding.

The client is responsible for ensuring that all details provided on the booking form are correct and timings are adequate for their itinerary.

Payment – Preferred method of payment is bank transfer to Account Number 83019489 Sort Code: 20-19-96.  Payment can also be taken by credit/debit card.

Cancellations – Cancellations should be sent in writing or by email to KCCH, not by telephone.  The booking fee is non-refundable.  Should the client cancel less than 4 weeks prior to the wedding date, the balance will still need to be paid.  If the date is resold, the client will receive a refund minus the booking fee.  In the unlikely event of KCCH cancelling, the hirer will be sent a full refund.

Change of date – In the event of the hirer changing the date of a confirmed wedding, the booking fee will be transferred to the new date.  However, if the new date is not available the hirer will forfeit the booking fee.

Chauffeur Service – All vehicles will be completely cleaned and valeted before leaving for a wedding, and dressed with ribbons and decoration as requested on the booking form.  The vehicles will be leatherered down on arrival, as necessary  However  the chauffeur cannot however be held responsible for dirt arising from the journey, particularly when conditions are wet and driving on country roads.

The chauffeur will be smartly attired and will perform their duties in a helpful, polite manner.

On arrival at the specified pickup address, the chauffeur will make themselves known.  If the address is a hotel, they will make themselves known at the reception.

KCCH has the right to refuse to carry any passenger who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour poses a threat to the chauffeur; the vehicle or other passengers.

Access – The client should ensure that there is adequate access to manoeuvre the vehicle(s) is available.  If this restricted, and the driver feels it necessary they will stop at the nearest legal and safe place.

Personal effects – Every effort will be taken to ensure against damage or loss to passengers’ belongings and clothing.  However, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure all personal items are removed from the vehicle at the hire period and to arrange collection or postage from KCCH, of any items left behind.   KCCH takes no responsibility for personal belongings that are lost or damaged.

Smoking – KCCH has a strict no smoking rule.

Children – Children’s car seats are not available, and suitable seats should be used and fitted by clients, where necessary.   There are no seatbelts in the back of KCCH’s Morris Minor, therefore children under 3 years old cannot travel in her.  Children 12 and under should be accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Damage etc – Clients are responsible for any damage, or any mess which requires intensive cleaning, which they or their guests cause to the interior or exterior of the vehicle.  Clients will be invoiced for any repairs or valeting required.

Insurance – When booked for a chauffeur package, KCCH is fully insured for weddings, but not for a customer to drive.

KCCH cannot take any more passengers than their insurance allows, and seatbelts if present, must be worn.

To prepare for all eventualities, KCCH strongly recommends appropriate wedding insurance cover.

KCCH has full public liability insurance cover.

Weather – In the event of severe adverse weather conditions, and if KCCHs make the decision that is unsafe to travel, the client will be informed and a full refund will be given.  A backup plan is advisable, particularly in the winter months.

Breakdowns and delays – The client will be informed of any delay on our part arising from either a vehicle breakdown of delays beyond our control.  Whilst every effort is taken to keep our vehicles in good order, unforeseen events can arise.  If the car you have booked develops a fault which cannot be rectified before leaving our base location in a timely manner if possible a similar, replacement vehicle will be despatched.  If KCCH does not have a replacement vehicle available, we will do everything we can to source a similar suitable classic vehicle from other local businesses, which we have arrangements with.  If the value of the replacement is greater, then there will be no extra charge added.  The decision will be given to the client whether to accept this option before we leave our base.  If this option is not accepted by the client, then a full refund will be issued and KCCH will have no further liability.  Should the vehicle become unserviceable during a booking a full refund will be issued.

Whilst every effort is taken in finding the best routes for your journey, circumstances beyond KCCH’s control may arise.  Roadworks, local events, rural activities, road closures, accidents and weather can affect journey times. No liability can be accepted by KCCH for any of the above.  However, KCCH drivers will always allow an extra hour when arriving at the first pick up address, to try to compensate for such circumstances.

Thank you for booking with Kippford Classic Car Hire, and we look chauffeuring you and your family on your special day.