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The whole idea of the VW campervan experience is iconic, and  we all know somebody who dreams of owning one.   But life gets in the way, and for various reasons owning a VW camper isn’t practical.  They may not have the space, time, money or even the technical knowledge needed.  It just doen’t fit into their lifestyle.  By giving them the gift of a trip in a camper, you could tick something off of their bucket list and give them an unforgettable experience.

VW Camper and campfire | Kippford Classic CAr Hire

From our own experience, a few days in a camper gives a very different perspective of travelling.  You are not tied to accommodation, and can simply go where the mood takes you.  The flexibilty means you can really get to know the places your visit, rather than just having a superficial view.

Which brings us to the pace of life touring can bring.  It is refreshing to get away from it all – all the screens, social media and tech we are tethered to today.  OK, we wouldn’t like to give it up altogether, but it is great to have a break.  To sit by a camp fire, to cook on a campfire, to play cards or even just talk.  To do things we are unlikely to do at home.  Just to experience a simpler way of life, even if it is only for a few days.

VW Camper Driving the Scottish Hills | Kippford Classic Car Hire


On the other hand, you  might know somebody who is seriously thinking about buying their own camper, but they are tottering on the fence.  A short trip in a camper without any commitment, might give them the push they need.  Or, (in a very unlikely scenario!)  make them realise it isn’t for them!

A gift of an experience will be a gift that is rememberered forever, long after material gifts have been forgotten.  It also indicates the thought and consideration by the giver, when choosing the gift. 

VW Camper and Bell Tent | kippford Classic Car Hire

“People enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money”  And this is not just our opinion, but the result of scientific research at San Francisco State University.  In this day  and age, we know that we should be cutting down on the amount of material things we own.  So why not give the gift of an experience like a trip in a VW camper, and fulfil somebody’s life-long dream and the same time.  And if you’re really lucky they might ask you to come along and join them too!

VW camper and rose | Kippford Classic Car HIre

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