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Hiring a classic car for a special day out, a weekend break or longer is becoming more popular. Before you do, there are some very important factors to consider, to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe time.

  • Is the car well maintained by a reputable, experienced motor engineer? Obviously, safety and reliability of your hire car is the most important consideration.
  • Even a well-maintained car can break down very occasionally, obviously because it’s a classic, and at least 40 years old. So make sure there is a breakdown and recovery service for the car.

Bluebelle in Kirkcudbright | Kippford Classic Car Hire

  • If the worst should happen and there is damage to the car during your hire, you don’t want to be hit by a huge excess bill. So it is very important to ask the classic car hire company if there is an excess and collision damage waiver included in the insurance.
  • Be realistic about how far you can travel in the time you have. Cars of 40 years old, or more will obviously not be able to travel as fast as the vehicles we are used to today, and may not be able to overtake as easily.

Triumph Herald at Kippford | Kippford Classic Car HIre

  • Having an extra driver insured is probably a good idea, especially if you are taking the car on a longer trip. You don’t want to be stuck if your partner breaks their glasses!
  • Even if you have had previous experience driving the type of classic car you are hiring, a detailed hand-over is very important. If you aren’t used to driving classic cars at all, a test drive is probably a good idea.
  • Finally, if you want to get an idea of how reliable a company is, check out their reviews on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor etc.

Snowdrop at Kippford

So all that’s left is to choose your classic car  and where you would like to go!  Bon voyage!